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Complete Rotary Drying System   $ 295,000 USD   ***SALE PENDING***

Model/serial number(s): M-E-C 1040 / WEB-24D-078

Consists of the following (as-is, where-is):

Services of a contractor familiar with Webb Burners® is highly recommended for dismantling and re-erection.

Photo IMG_3764 Photo IMG_3765
Photo IMG_3767 Photo IMG_3768
Photo IMG_3769 Photo IMG_3770
Photo IMG_3771 Photo IMG_3772
Photo IMG_3775 Photo IMG_3776
Photo IMG_3777 Photo IMG_3778
Photo IMG_3780 Photo IMG_3781
Photo IMG_3782 Photo IMG_3783
Photo IMG_3784 Photo IMG_3785
Photo IMG_3786 Photo IMG_3787
Photo IMG_3789 Photo IMG_3790
Photo IMG_3791 Photo IMG_3792
Photo IMG_3793 Photo IMG_3794
Photo IMG_3795 Photo IMG_3796
Photo IMG_3797 Photo IMG_3798
Photo IMG_3799 Photo IMG_3800
Photo IMG_3801 Photo IMG_3802
Photo IMG_3803 Photo IMG_3806
Photo IMG_3807 Photo IMG_3808
Photo IMG_3812 Photo IMG_3813
Photo IMG_3815 Photo IMG_3817
Photo IMG_3818 Photo IMG_3819
Photo IMG_3820 Photo IMG_3821
Photo IMG_3822 Photo IMG_3823
Photo IMG_3824 Photo IMG_3827
Photo IMG_3828 Photo IMG_3829
Photo IMG_3830 Photo IMG_3831
Photo IMG_3832 Photo IMG_3833
Photo IMG_3835 Photo IMG_3836
Photo IMG_3837 Photo IMG_3839
Photo IMG_3840 Photo IMG_3841
Photo IMG_3842 Photo IMG_3843
Photo IMG_3844  

Please note that all equipment is subject to prior sale, and that any prices given are subject to change without notice.

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